Airborne ASPECT, Inc.

Welcome to Airborne ASPECT, Inc.

  • Nation’s only 24/7 Airborne Chemical, Radiological, and Situational Awareness Remote Sensing Aircraft
  • Provides information to the first responder that is timely, useful, and compatible with numerous software applications
  • Multi-role responses (homeland security, emergency response,  and environmental characterization)
  • Provides infrared & photographic images with geospatial chemical and radiological information
  • ~128 Deployments since 2001
  • 5 Primary Sensors

  • Provide a readiness level on a 24/7 basis
  • Provide a simple, one phone call activation of the aircraft
  • Wheels up in under 1 hour from the time of activation
  • Once onsite and data is collected it takes about….~ 5 minutes to process and turn around data to first responders

Deployment Simplified:

  • Once on-scene collect chemical,  radiological, or situational data (imagery) using established collection procedures
  • Process all data within the aircraft using tested automated algorithms
  • Extract the near real time data from the aircraft using a broadband satellite system and rapidly QA/QC the data by a dedicated scientific reach back team
  • Provide the qualified data to the first responder enabling them to make informed decisions in minimal time



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